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Pizzeria, Cafe and Bakery

Toni's Pizzeria

Toni Pizzeria.. Click for larger imageIn fist floor of Villa Toni is pizzeria when one of the best pizza in town is cooked.

Toni's pizza is always crispy and their selection of cheeses and toppings is always fresh and delicious. Everything is fresh and tastes great, but no matter how good we say it is, you seem to regret it if you don't try it by yourself during your staying here.


Villa Toni Bakery

In fist floor of Villa Toni is bakery (pekara) that provide fresh bread and rolls.

Toni Bakery.. Click for larger imageIn our bakery you can taste fresh Burek (greasy phyllo pillows filled with cheese or meat), Buhtle (yeast rolls shaped like bricks and filled with jam, cheese, or chocolate; they can be sweet or salty), Pletenice (plait - is a braided roll shaped from spongy yeast dough and plain or topped with sesame seeds), Makovica (the same as pletenica but topped with poppy seeds and always served for Easter breakfast), Slanac (a roll made of spongy yeast dough and sprinkled with salt), pekaraStruke (pastries made of phyllo or puff pastry and filled with cheese, cherries, apples, and walnuts. Struke are similar to Austrian strudels), Kiflice (made of a yeasty butter dough and shaped like croissants. They can be plain, sweet, or savory, and stuffed with jam, cheese, walnuts, ham, cheese, or other fillings), Orahnjaca/Makovnjaca (spongy yeast rolls filled with sweetened walnuts or poppy seeds), Piroske (a puff pastry roll filled with cheese and ham, jam, or chocolate, then deep-fried) and other fresh, domestic products.


Toni Bakery.. Click for larger image Toni Bakery.. Click for larger image


Activities & Attractions

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